The Hidden Costs of Moving to Your Portland Oregon Apartment

You’ve just found the Portland Oregon apartment of your dreams, and you’re ready to tackle the next daunting task: moving. Many people have a romanticized view of moving, when the reality is much different. The act of relocating not only brings a great deal of stress into your life, but it also comes with plenty of hidden costs many people don’t readily recognize. It all comes down to identifying the hidden costs outlined below.

The cost of transportation: Many tenants ignore that moving requires transportation, and that means the added cost of moving your belongings between your old home and your new apartment. You may choose to move your belongings on your own or hire a rental truck, but the fact is you have to factor in all aspects of transportation ranging from potential rental costs to the price of gas.

The expense of packing everything: Everyone vaguely recalls that in order to move, all items need to be wrapped and boxed. What people often ignore is that the price of packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and tape can all add up. Not to mention, if you’re going to hire professional movers, that’s another added cost you can’t readily overlook.

The cost of utilities: You can be proud of yourself that you were able to rent an apartment by putting down first month’s rent and your security deposit, but don’t forget that you’re still responsible for utilities. In fact, many new renters are shocked that they forgot such a trivial thing in the first place! When calculating your move, don’t forget that you will be responsible for your utilities such as water, electricity, gas or anything else.

The emergency fund: Moving does come with many potential mishaps or hidden costs that people wish to overlook. You’ll probably need to buy additional moving supplies, may need to rent a storage unit, buy toiletries or eat out at a restaurant as you’re not yet moved in. These hidden costs are indeed expense you simply can’t overlook.

Moving is never a cheap affair and there are more hidden costs than people choose to consider. You’re held responsible for paying for every aspect of your move from your transportation needs to the act of packing your belongings. Hopefully, this article has helped raise awareness of a growing ignorance when renters choose to relocate.