Questions To Ask An Agent When Buying An Apartment

If you are looking to buy an apartment you will need to ask the agent some questions. While some of these questions may seem like common sense, you might have neglected some of the others. Asking questions is the best way to determine if you are getting the right apartment or not.

Why Is The Owner Selling?

Asking why the owner is selling is a good idea because it can help you when negotiating. The agent may not answer this question because they may not know the reason for sale. However, if they do hint that the owner is selling because they are moving or work is taking them out of the country you could negotiate a lower price.

What Is Included In The Sale

When you view an apartment you need to find out what is included in the price. Will the fittings be taken by the owner or are they going to be staying? You should also consider asking about large appliances because some apartments have them built in and others require you to buy them yourself. It is important that you know what you would have to buy after getting the apartment to determine if the costs are within your budget.

Ask About The Area

The area you live in plays a large role in how happy you are in your apartment. You should find out about the transport links and about any of your neighbors. The agent might know some of the neighbors and you will be able to find out about them which is very important. Many people move because their neighbors are a nightmare and you do not want to be in that situation.

How Long Have The Owners Lived In The Apartment

The length of time that the owners spent in the apartment is important because if they are selling after a short amount of time you need to know why. High turnover properties could have problems that you do not want to get into. If the owner does not live in the property you should ask how long the last tenants have lived there.

How Was The Asking Price Determined

Any good agents will be willing to provide you with information about how they reached the selling price for the apartment. If you are lucky you could find an agent who feels that the property is overpriced and they could tell you this. It is recommended that you view a few apartments in the area at the same price to see what is on offer.

How Old Is The Building?

Many people do not consider asking about the age of the building. The older the building the more maintenance will be required and this could impact your apartment. While the building as a whole will be maintained by the property managers, any issues within your apartment will be your problem. Newer properties will usually require less maintenance and you should consider this when buying.