Portland Oregon Apartment Hunting Checklist

Now that you’re ready to move again and explore all of your options, it’s important to find the right apartment complex. You’ll be signing a lease, which is a binding contract, therefore, you need to be willing to put some legwork into finding a Portland Oregon apartment that you can call home. Apartment hunting is not an easy task as some may lead you to believe, and the search can be nerve-racking if you don’t give it some thought beforehand. Here is our apartment hunting checklist to help you get started.

Budget: Establish a budget for your search and make sure you stick to it. Apartment management companies will only rent you an apartment if you make enough money each month to cover all expenses. It’s best to do the calculations yourself as it allows you to search for an apartment within your means. Additionally, bear in mind that you will need to make a deposit when you rent and you should also factor in the costs of moving.

Location: Portland is a big city and there are many apartments located there. Although your budget will certainly play a role in pointing out where you will live, take into consideration which neighborhoods are of interest to you. Are you looking to be in the center of the city or you prefer a more suburban outlook? In any case, knowing where you want to live helps with your search.

Size: What size apartment are you looking for? This may be your very first apartment or you’re downsizing from a home you’ve just sold, but in either case, knowing how much space you need is important. In some instances, you may need to consider renting a smaller unit or downsizing your things in order to fit within your allotted budget. It’s best to know this before you fall in love with an apartment complex you can’t afford.

Layout: Even a small apartment can have a great layout, therefore, it can easily work for your needs. Ultimately, when you’re interested in a certain unit, make sure you set up an appointment and check it out in person. Even though you can check floor plans online, you will never get a true sense of space unless you see the apartment unit physically. Tall ceilings and large windows are a great way to enhance naturally small spaces, which is why looking at the apartment as a whole can make a difference.

Amenities: It’s wise to consider what you’re getting for your money. Are there any amenities included such as a pool or gym? Does the apartment management pay for certain utilities? These are all things worth contemplating before you sign the lease.

Apartment hunting can take a bit of time and energy if you’re looking to find the perfect space. You won’t be able to break the lease, which is why it’s wise to do all of the research beforehand. By going through the checklist, you can rule out certain candidates!