Be Weird in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is getting more and more popular. It is a haven for hipsters and hippies and anyone who is a little bit unique. Portland is a beautiful city with river and water access and gorgeous homes. If you love cafes, galleries, art, and music, you will find a home that you love in Portland.

Portland is a great place to live if you are an artist, musician, or work for yourself. The city is full of parks and places to enjoy yourself and there are lots of outdoor activities that you can take advantage of. If you enjoy walking or running, you can find many places to do that in Portland.

The cost of living is reasonable in Portland. It isn’t cheap, since so many people are moving there, but it isn’t outrageous either. You can still find affordable housing if you are willing to live on the outskirts of the city in a neighborhood that is gentrifying.

Portland is safe overall, though you can find plenty of drug use there. If you love being around creative people in a beautiful environment, you can find plenty of things to keep you happy in Portland. If you have a job lined up before you go or you can work from home, you will be better off because it can be challenging finding a job in Portland since so many people are moving there and the competition for existing jobs can be high.

Portland is a unique place that is filled with art and culture and when you move there you are not going to want to leave. You are free to be yourself in Portland and no one judges you when you express your creativity. Portland is a liberal city, and it is full of free-spirited people.